April 2015

Seeing Red: The Seasons Hue

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Thriller, One of the king of pops undisputed masterpieces. The song sends shivers down your spine, the dance no doubt you and your friends and emulated after about six drinks while walking down the street after midnight, the voice work by Vincent Price in the music video all of these things we will never forget. Most importantly that red leather jacket. It is undoubtedly the coolest part about the whole video.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve never actively gone looking for that jacket but if it popped up in a store front I would be the first person to run in and grab it in my size. Here is where the problem lays. Red as whole is an almost impossible colour to get right. It is possible however it takes careful planning and is so bold it is sure to catch everyone in a 20ft radius’s eye. Here is the good news, this year my friends red is in. Not only is it in but it is almost impossible to stay away from on every runway from every designer. From suits to sweaters and jeans, scarlet to bright red, plaid to stripes to solids. Red is everywhere this summer. Don’t worry friends, I’m here to guide you through it. I know its scary territory, but ill outline a few do’s and do nots as well as some sharp idea’s to get you suited up and some genuinely good ideas to get you ready for a regular night out in new merino sweater.

Dolce and Gabbana, Lanvin, Balmain and Gucci are just a few of the big names that sent many different hues of red down their runways this season. While Balmain used red in big hard red panels in biker jackets, accented stripes in pants or just full on red coats.

It was bold with looks inspired strait out of a French rockstars wardrobe. In a stark contrast to Balmain, Lanvin used red in accents to an overwhelming dark campaign. Showing that introducing reds in stubble way could instantly warm and lighten up an outfit. Tucking it behind jackets and layering it behind blazers they gave men a different look at how to take this seasons main colour, make it the focus of the outfit while keeping it minimal. Reminding us that when it comes to colour in fashion it certainly does not have to be the main colour in the outfit just the main focus. A great example would be a nice fitted dark navy blazer with medium to dark grey textured pants which to me is a staple combo already and layer it with this seasons colour, red shirt.

Keeping true to high fashion I must include Dolce and Gabbana’s approach to this seasons colour. While the other high fashion lines have introduced red’s while most of us won’t be buying any time soon D&G’s line this year is truly geared for those who are very much involved in the high fashion scene. Mastering what has been called “Romantic red” I would call it half of it blood red and the other half Hugh Hefner smoking jacket red. That is not meant to be an insult or implying anything scary about it. All of their pieces I have seen of from this season are incredible looking, true pieces of art. But that is essentially what it looks like you are wearing. Walking, breathing, pieces of art. The reds are as bright as they come with very lavish embellishments all over. Now I am an avid fan of D&G suits. I once stalked one around a Nordstrom’s in Los Angeles for months hoping it became available to me in a price range where I could still live for the next year while I wore it every day for the next year. However it was not meant to be. However the pieces from their collection this season as I stated remind me more of pieces of art then they do actual accessible clothing for nearly anyone. Ranging from what I consider the complexity of a stained glass window to the unique embellishment I have seen on mariachi jackets. However if your goal this year is to be the eye catching pinnacle of high fashion this collection is custom tailored for you.

Outside of runways red is still the in colour this season and don’t worry for those of us who don’t have 5000+ dollars to afford that highly embellished D&G suit there are still some wonderful options for suits and sweaters made by some of the top names in fashion that will be right up your ally. Scotch and soda and has an awesome burgundy two button, two piece suit. Suit Supply and Reiss also have a number of suits out this year in different shades of red ranging from dark reds to blood red. Ben Sherman also has one that caught my eye as it is a wonderful fit two button, triple pocket suit. All of which are easily found online. For the more casual of us you can find a number of polo’s, t shirts, sweaters and cardigans from brands such as Fred Perry, Polo, Reiss, Jack Wills, Mango, Uniqlo, Zara, Scotch and Soda, River Island. For those of us willing to go the extra mile and may be looking for a pair of red denim or chinos there are some out by Uniqlo, Freeman’s and Penguin. All of these are available online through the company websites or several other retailers’ online stores.

You will also be able to find your red ties, socks, pocket squares and whatever else you are looking for to give your outfit that touch of this seasons flare. Just remember when going with red unless you are certain of your outfit its always best to use it to accent other colours and draw peoples eyes to it. Red is an incredibly powerful accent and powerful colour. So remember “With great power comes great responsibility.”


– By T.J.Libra