April 2015

Handpicked on Etsy | Men’s Jewellery

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You’d be surprised at the difference a single accessory can do to an outfit in terms of completing a look or complementing a particular style. We’ve picked 5 of our favourite men’s jewellery pieces to add a bit more impact to your outfits!

1. Spine shaped Brass bracelet by Weareallsmith


This Spine Shaped brass bracelet, from Weareallsmith is without a doubt my favourite from all the pieces selected. Bracelets – however small – are a great way to break up the length of an arm, particularly when wearing a t-shirt. The brass colour will help compliment the tan you’ll get from being out in the summer sun and it has an edgy and unique look to it.

£26.85 ($39.00 USD) from Weareallsmith


2. Lava Onyx Gemstone Bracelet by Pupikjewelry


This Onyx lava gemstone bracelet is a great addition to any casual summertime outfit. As in the picture, it works with Jeans and the simple style and black beads will look good with both light and dark shirts or t-shirts.

£10.00 ($15.00 USD) by Pupikjewelry


3. Silver Plated Anchor Pendant by Galismans


Perfect for a summer t-shirt, this Silver Plated anchor pendant is a simple and effective focal piece for your outfit.

£24.00 ($35.00 USD) by Galismans


4. Simple Cord Peace Bracelet by Menfolk


Like the other bracelets listed, this simple cord bracelet breaks up the naked arm and finishes off your outfit. It’s also handmade, very cheaply priced and can be a well-used purchased throughout the summer months.

£5.30 ($8.00 USD) by Menfolk


 5. Art Deco Inspired Tie Clip by Kevincossdesigns


Whilst this isn’t something to wear with a casual summer outfit, I felt I had to add this to this list because I think it would look awesome with a smarter attire. It’s a simple Art Deco inspired tie clip, and mixed with a tie as equally bright in colour as the one pictured would make for a great summer office day look. Forget your suit jacket, you won’t be needing it, but a simple crisp white shirt, sleeves rolled up, a bright tie and this clip will be a smart outfit this summertime.


£13.77 ($20.00 USD) by Kevincossdesigns