April 2015

Beating the Streets: What Street style means, and how you’re creating it right now.

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Being a guy there are certain words we hear in the fashion world that, well quite frankly confuse us. Couture, Haute and some other terms that while familiar we find ourselves more or less relating them to the expensive dress Vera Wang out girlfriend wants. I know I’ve never been out looking for a new jacket at Zara and thought to myself “I wish they had one that looked like the jacket from the Dior Couture show”. Ready to wear, now that sounds a bit more up my ally. It’s a more simple sounding term that implies exactly what it says. Its clothing put out by a designer that is pre sized to traditional sizes and is made to be picked up off the rack and worn with little to no alterations after the fact.

However that still is a phrase I easily associate with a line of clothing recently released for women as you normally hear it used in a sentence such as “Kate spades new ready to wear line”. Now there is Street style. That’s a phrase I can get on board with. It seems at a first glance, simple. But what is Street style really? Is it a new line put out by some big named designer that is influenced by the modern person you encounter day to day? Is it some line based on the latest urban trends across different cities in different countries? The answer is no. Street Style is exactly what it says it is, no fancy dressed up meaning behind the term. It is a trend that instead of being manufactured in the mind of some fashion elite is popularized by us. The everyday people, the consumers that take one piece from here and another from there combining it all together to make a look that is emulated by others around the world.

In my opinion, as a man what’s current in street style is what is most important when I wake up in the mornings and decide what shirt is going to go with these jeans, those boots and that jacket. We don’t all have the ability to go out and buy the entire Gucci or Dior men’s ready to wear line as soon as it hits the shelves. However we did find ourselves with just enough scraped together to pick that awesome YSL leather jacket we have been salivating over since we first saw it on their website a few weeks back advertising for its big release day. While that day has come and passed and out of all the incredible high fashion things you wanted to buy have come and gone; you got that jacket. Now what do you do with it? Its spring so let’s try to get some contrast going here with some slim fit light or acid washed (yes they are back) distressed denim. Also that sweet extra-long curved hem dark grey tee shirt you picked up as an impulse buy a few weeks back would go well with it. Finally digging through your closet you find your John Varvatos Bonham boots you forgot you had; you throw those one tuck your jeans in and fold down the sides and tongue of your boots and suddenly you realize, this is street style. Now you have taken that coat you so desperately wanted, waited for and jumped to get the second YSL’s ready to wear hit shelves and you have made it your own.

Street style is this idea all over the world. It’s taking what we see in high fashion and adapting it to our everyday use, our budget, and our lives. Street style is taking your personality, your ideas and your voice and expressing it through the outfit you wear on your body. There is no finite definition to street style. People in the fashion world and in fashion blogs throw it around so much that for your everyday person it has taken on the form of many of those other intimidating words in high fashion we only think about in day dreams when we are window shopping or switching through the tabs of our favourite designers on the internet. Wishing we could have the looks that they dress their models up in. Everything looking new and fancy. Well gentlemen I’m here to tell you not only is it possible to put yourself together so well that you could be mistaken for one of those manicured men you see on the side bar of any high fashion website. I’m also telling you that you can take a piece of what they have and make it entirely your own and that in doing so you are every bit as fashionable as the person who just bought every single piece of Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer Haute campaign. In many ways you are much better off.

You have established your own style, one that defines you as a person and lets everyone else around you know “This is my look, my attitude” and it also cements your place in the fasting growing niche in high fashion, Street style.

– By T.J.Libra