March 2015

Burton Menswear SS15: Complete Transitional Outfits

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Images: Burton Menswear London

Some of the most difficult times of the year to dress appropriately are the awkward transitional phases between seasons. Mid-Spring and Mid-Fall are classic examples of times when you it’s not warm enough to spend the days out without a jacket, but not cold enough to warrant a heavy duty coat, or a coat at all in most cases.

Burton Menswear have several looks within their SS15 collection that will have you covered for the spring transition, keeping you up to date and bang on trend as well. The great thing about items within these outfits, is that parts of them will last you well into your summer outfits too as you reduce the layers with the onset of better weather.

The jacket to this outfit would be perfect for the daytime during the spring to summer transition, and on top of that, would be a trendy layer to add for a summer evening with a slight chill.

The simple shirt and T-shirt alone can be worn during the summer and the simple black jeans are a wardrobe staple for throughout the year, making themselves part of many outfits you come up with.

Jacket £50, Shirt £20, T-Shirt £5, Jeans £30




The thing that I love about this outfit is the length of time this outfit will stay fashionable. A simple striped top will always make an appearance come summer and the investment in these two garments or similar pieces will often last you the rest of the year.

The Mac has you covered for the slight chill during the spring as well as the high chance of autumnal rain later on in the year. With this outfit, dark, grey or black jeans would complete the look.

Mac £70, T-shirt £10



Out of all the looks here, this one is the most expensive complete outfit. The parka-type mac jacket offers the same benefits as the black mac from the picture above, but I think this one has greater wear-ability with more outfits than the mac. It also makes a pretty simple and quick outfit for a cooler summer.

Parka £60, Tshirt £20, Jeans £25, Boots £42